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Excel VBA Tutorial – Learn To Use VBA To Overcome Macro Recorder Limitations

If you record a macro where you sort your data, the macro records the last contiguous row in the data set. Next time you run the macro, if you have more rows of data the recorded macro won’t correctly sort to the new last row. Also, anytime you record a macro to sort data, the …

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Excel VBA Class Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts To Help You Save Time With Microsoft Excel

Excel VBA Class shares some of our favorite Excel keyboard shortcut techniques. The list of Excel keyboard shortcuts is not meant to be exhaustive, but we believe it offers some of the most common and frequently used shortcuts to save you substantial time and effort when using Microsoft Excel.

VBA Class NYC Custom Table Styles Free Excel Tutorial

VBA Class offers a free Excel tutorial on how to create a custom table style. To learn Excel VBA in NYC, call us at 212.828.7089 to discuss your Excel training objectives.

Excel VBA Class NYC Announces Spring Excel Calendar

Excel VBA Class NYC Announces Spring Excel Calendar for Introduction To Excel Training class dates, Intermediate – Advanced Excel Training class dates, and Excel VBA class dates

VBA Class Announces East Coast Schedule For Q1 2011

Excel VBA classes are offered in Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, Miami, Atlanta, and Tampa

Excel VBA Class Blog – Learn VBA To Navigate

Excel VBA Class Blog – Learn VBA To Navigate Through Cells and Sheets

Excel Class Blog – Free Excel Tutorial – Excel Relative versus Absolute References

Excel Class Free Tutorial – Learn about Excel Relative and Absolute References

Excel Class NYC Tricks and Tips: Excel Keyboard Shortcuts for Power-Users

Become an Excel power-user by learning a few simple keyboard shortcuts

Where to Learn Microsoft Excel in NYC

Learn Excel Class NYC – Many of the students who come to my class are self-taught. They’ve learned some basic Excel by studying internet tutorials, internet videos, and books. These are all good mediums that may show you how to perform a task, but they rarely explain when or why to use a specific feature. …

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