Excel Classes

Introduction To Excel

learn moreA class for beginners, introduction to intermediate Excel starts with the basics. Formulas taught include: Sum, Average, Count, SumIfs, 45 minutes of Vlookup. Data features like Sort, Filter, and 60 minutes of PivotTables are also taught as well as formatting, printing, and charting.

Advanced Excel

learn moreThe intermediate to advanced Excel class teaches time saving shortcuts, 60 minutes of Vlookup and 30 minutes of Index/Match, Sumifs two criteria, If functions, 120 minutes of PivotTables, and macros.

Excel VBA Class

learn moreThe VBA class teaches why macros are insufficient to handle decision making in programs. Learn to incorporate variables into macros, and how to use For/Next and For/Each loops. Learn object oriented programming.

VBA Online

learn moreA popular option is our live online VBA webinar. Forty hours of VBA training that teaches from beginner to advanced. Includes five hours of PivotTable programming, five hours of UserForm programming, and automating other applications like Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access.