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An Excel VBA Macro To Report Hidden Rows

Many Excel users collaborate with co-workers and share data in Excel workbooks. Often, someone may choose to hide a row of data on a worksheet and you’d never know that a row was hidden without careful visual inspection of every row. If a hidden row contains zero values there is no issue. However, if a …

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VBA To Add IfError Functions To Every Formula On Every Sheet

VBA To Add IfError Functions To Every Formula On Every Sheet Today we found some useful code here we wanted to share with our readers … a macro to automatically add an IfError function to every formula on every sheet in a selected workbook, assuming there was not already an IfError function used. Remember that …

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Excel VBA Class Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts To Help You Save Time With Microsoft Excel

Excel VBA Class shares some of our favorite Excel keyboard shortcut techniques. The list of Excel keyboard shortcuts is not meant to be exhaustive, but we believe it offers some of the most common and frequently used shortcuts to save you substantial time and effort when using Microsoft Excel.

Excel VBA Class Free VBA Tutorial – Variables

Excel VBA Class provides a free tutorial on Excel VBA variables, their usage and benefits.